Reportage : Youngtimers N°81 - November 2017

Being a member of the 405 club is above all able to exchange around the same passion, gather at various events, benefit from preferential prices to maintain and ensure his car ... Beyond these benefits, here is one of which we are very happy to share with you.

Following the search for a 405 SRi by the Youngtimers magazine, we were able to respond immediately by presenting the sublime SRi Michael DHAINE, member N ° 11 Peugeot 405 club

The objective: to compare the 405 against its two French rivals of the time, the Citroën BX and the Renault 21. After having already made this comparison in the number 50 with the sports versions of these three sedans (Mi16, BX 16S and 21 2L Turbo), the magazine will choose for this issue 81 to compare the following versions: SRi for the 405, GTI for the BX and TXE for the R21. Difficult to decide between these three comfortable sedans!

We will not reveal more and let you run to your newsagent to get this new issue published on October 27, 2017. A few photos behind the scenes of the report, taken by Kevin Le Jean, treasurer of the club:


Three icons of the French automobile production of the 90's



Entry on track for the 405 SRi


Many thanks to Michael DHAINE for playing the interview