It's official ! The association "CLUB PEUGEOT405" is declared
and published in the Official Journal !


Number in the National Directory of Associations : W712005052

Object : 

  • bring together all passionate enthusiasts or car owners of the PEUGEOT brand of type 405, all versions, prototypes, derivatives, or any other original version of 405 on file presentation, to promote conservation models in their original state, through the exchange of information and the sharing of the experience of the members of the association ;
  • organize information meetings, conferences, events, contributing to the development of the community around the PEUGEOT 405, participating in national, regional and international economic development events ;
  • help all enthusiasts or owners of PEUGEOT 405, maintain, repair and save their PEUGEOT 405, nationally and internationally ;
  • market exclusively to its active members the available spare parts, reproduction, replacement, in new or near new condition, and any other derivative products related to the PEUGEOT 405 model, all versions included. Used second-hand parts are prohibited, for reasons of safety and responsibility ;
  • market to its other members any derivative products related to the PEUGEOT 405 model, all versions combined, excluding the automobile parts mentioned above, excluding documentations, exclusively reserved for its active members ;
  • The association may collaborate with any companies and associations that are exclusively related to its purpose ;
  • The association can create and distribute all publications and documentation related to its purpose, including on the Internet, TV, radio, DVD, magazines, and other communication media ;
  • The association may, where appropriate, ensure the individual defense of the interests of its members, and any other actions aimed at strengthening the object and purpose of the association ;
  • The association works in the spirit of passion, mutual help, family, conviviality, and openness ; The association does not pursue any political, discriminatory, religious purpose, and prohibits all discussions or demonstrations having a discriminatory, racial, political or denominational character. 

Date of declaration : February 23, 2017.