On January 24, 2017 was founded between the adherents to the present statutes, and those who will join later, an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901..


The association takes the following name : "CLUB PEUGEOT 405".


The purpose of the association is to bring together all passionate enthusiasts or car owners of the PEUGEOT brand of type 405, all versions, prototypes, derivatives, or any other original version of 405 on file presentation, to promote conservation models in their original state, through the exchange of information and the sharing of the experience of the members of the association.

The association can organize information meetings, conferences, events, contributing to the development of the community around the PEUGEOT 405, participating in national, regional and international economic development events.

The association also aims to help all enthusiasts or owners of PEUGEOT 405, maintain, repair and save their PEUGEOT 405, nationally and internationally.

The association may market exclusively to its active members the available spare parts, reproduction, replacement, in new or near new condition, and any other derivative products related to the PEUGEOT 405 model, all versions included. Used second-hand parts are prohibited, for reasons of safety and responsibility.

The association may market to its other members any derivative products related to the PEUGEOT 405 model, all versions combined, excluding the automobile parts mentioned above, excluding documentations, exclusively reserved for its active members.

The association may collaborate with any companies and associations that are exclusively related to its purpose.

The association can create and distribute all publications and documentation related to its purpose, including on the Internet, TV, radio, DVD, magazines, and other communication media.

The association may, where appropriate, ensure the individual defense of the interests of its members, and any other actions aimed at strengthening the object and purpose of the association.

The association works in the spirit of passion, mutual help, family, conviviality, and openness.

The association does not pursue any political, discriminatory, religious purpose, and prohibits all discussions or demonstrations having a discriminatory, racial, political or denominational character.


The head office of the association is to 3, route de GIGNY - 71240 SENNECEY LE GRAND.

It may be transferred at any time by simple decision of the Board of Directors.


The association is constituted for an unlimited duration.


The association consists of :

  • founders,
  • active members,
  • sympathizing members,
  • honorary members.


The admission of the members is pronounced by the Board of Directors which decides on the requests of admission presented.

Admission may only take place after prior consultation of a file.

The role of the Board of Directors is to ensure that the spirit of Article 3 of these statutes is respected, and reserves the right to refuse any person who does not appear to answer this article without having to justify it.


Can become a member, any natural or legal person, interested in the object and purpose of the association.

Each member undertakes to respect scrupulously the present statutes.

The association consists of :

  • founding members : they created the association, are signatories of the statutes, and participated in its constitution. They have the right to deliberative vote and can stand for the positions of the Board of Directors. They pay a membership fee.
  • active members : they participate actively in the life of the association. They have an advisory role and can stand for positions on the Board of Directors. They pay a membership fee. Nota : PEUGEOT 405 clubs abroad are considered as such by the Board of Directors.
  • sympathizing members : they do not have PEUGEOT 405, and adhere to participate in an activity proposed by the association, without engaging in the support of its object and its purpose. They can not claim the same provisions as active members. They do not have an advisory vote and can not stand for the positions of the Board of Directors. They pay a lower membership fee.
  • honorary members : they render a service to the association and are designated as such by the Board of Directors. They have the right to deliberative vote. They are exempt from membership fees because of the services rendered to the association

Membership fee amounts are fixed at the Ordinary General Meeting.


Membership of the association is lost :

  • by written resignation,
  • by death,
  • by deletion pronounced by the Board of Directors for non-payment of the subscription 2 months after its expiry,
  • by deletion for serious reasons, pronounced by the Board of Directors; in the latter case, the concerned member who has been invited beforehand by registered letter to appear before the Board of Directors must provide written explanations.


The association can eventually join the association of the Peugeot Adventure Museum, as well as the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles, by decision of the Board of Directors, who is informed that the association "CLUB PEUGEOT 405 "will have to comply with and rule on their rules of procedure.


The resources of the association are constituted by:

  • membership fees,
  • the proceeds of events organized by the association,
  • the receipts of the sold auto parts, and any other derived objects, respecting the article 3,
  • grants from public or private organizations,
  • donations and legacies,
  • any resources that are not prohibited by applicable laws and regulations.


Convocation and organization :

  • the General Assembly is composed of all the members of the association,
  • it meets obligatorily at least once a year, and whenever the interest of the association requires it.

Terms of invitation :

  • upon convocation by the President, within one month,
  • on proposal of at least half of the members of the association.

The convocations, written and sent by the Secretary, contain the agenda and are sent to the members at least 1 month in advance.

Voting procedure and conditions :

  • presence of at least half of the members, (present or represented), having a deliberative voice,
  • if necessary, a second Ordinary General Meeting will be convened within 15 days. It will then be able to deliberate, whatever the number of members present or represented.

The resolutions of the Ordinary General Assembly are taken by a majority of the votes cast (members present and represented). Only members having a deliberative vote may vote. Voting is by show of hands unless a quarter of the members request the vote by secret ballot.

Organization :

The agenda is constituted by the Board of Directors and written by the Secretary. Only resolutions passed by the Ordinary General Meeting on the items on the agenda are valid.

The Presidency of the Ordinary General Assembly belongs to the President. He is assisted by the members of the Council, and exposes the moral situation of the association and its activities.

The Treasurer reports on his management and submits the annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, and appendices) to the approval of the Assembly.

The election or re-election of the Board of Directors is then carried out, followed by consideration of the other items on the agenda.

All the deliberations and resolutions of the Ordinary General Meeting are the subject of minutes, and are recorded in the "General Assembly Deliberations" register, and signed by the President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.

Is also kept an attendance sheet, signed by each member and "certified true" by the President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.


If need be, the Extraordinary General Assembly decides on the modifications to the statutes and the dissolution of the association.

It meets at the request of the President or half plus one of the registered members, in accordance with the formalities provided for in Article 12.


The decision-making Board of the association includes the following 3 minimum members :

  • un President,
  • un Secretary,
  • un Treasurer.

The President : he ensures the respect of the statutes and the safeguarding of the moral interests of the association. He supervises the conduct of the affairs of the association, and ensures compliance with the decisions of the Board of Directors. He assumes the functions of legal, judicial, and extra-judicial representation of the association in all acts of civil life. It may delegate to other members of the Board of Directors for the exercise of its representative functions.

The Treasurer : he ensures the regularity of the accounts and keeps a convincing accounting. He reports on his management to each General Assembly.

The Secretary : He is responsible for all correspondence of the association. He writes the minutes of the General Assemblies, and the meetings of the Board of Directors. It also keeps the register of the "Deliberations of the General Assemblies", and the register of the "Deliberations of the Board of Directors".

These functions are not cumulative.

The Board of Directors of the association may possibly include the following non-decision-making positions:

  • Regional Managers (1 to 13, according to the breakdown in force),
  • International Officers (1 to 324, according to the breakdown in force),
  • Specialized Managers by heading (1 to 20).

The whole constitutes the Board of Directors which takes charge of the activities, management and financial monitoring of the association.

Its members are elected for a minimum of one year at the Ordinary General Assembly and are eligible for re-election.

In the event of a vacancy, the Board of Directors provisionally replaces its members. They are finally replaced by the nearest Ordinary General Assembly. The powers of substitute members end at the time when the term of office of the replaced members would normally expire.

With regard to banking or postal organizations, the President, the Treasurer or any other person designated by the President with the agreement of the Board of Directors, have the power, each separately to designate all means of payment (checks, transfer, etc ...) .

Any member of the Board of Directors who, without excuse, has not attended three consecutive meetings will be deemed to have resigned.


Any founding member and active member of the association, major and up to date of membership, is eligible for the Board of Directors.

Candidates for the various positions must make themselves known in writing, at least fifteen days before the date of the next Ordinary General Assembly.


The Board of Directors meets when convened by its President, or as often as the interests of the association require.

Decisions are taken by a majority of the votes of the members present; in the event of a tie, the President has the casting vote.


All functions, including those of the Board of Directors, are free and voluntary. Only the costs incurred in the fulfillment of their mandate are reimbursed on the receipts. The financial report presented to the Ordinary General Assembly presents, per beneficiary, the reimbursements of expenses of mission, displacement or representation.


An internal regulation can be established by the Board of Directors which then makes it approved by the Ordinary General Assembly.

This possible settlement is intended to fix the various points not provided for by the statutes, particularly those relating to the internal administration of the association.


In the event of dissolution by at least two-thirds of the members present at the General Assembly, one or more liquidators are appointed by it and the assets, if any, are vested in accordance with Article 9 of the the Law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901.