In collaboration with our partners :

  • Remanufacturing parts for all versions of 405, including export models,
  • Manufacture/remanufacture of derived objects and accessories 405 (new or vintage),
  • Issuance of a "collection" registration card for the 405 over 30 years old,
  • Issuance of a registration certificate in case of loss or non-existence
  • Issuance of COC (Certificate of Conformity) in case of import from another country of your 405, including models outside Euro zone (preferential price for 405 over 30 years old),
  • Defending the rights of our members,
  • Car insurance contract with guarantees and preferential prices,
  • Expertise of real value of your 405 (s) at preferential price,
  • Help in developing the history of your 405,
  • Helping you keep your 405 in its original state,
  • Participation in the development of your club, and right to vote at Assemblies (active members),
  • Regional, national and international events
  • 20% reduction on items in the boutique of the PEUGEOT Adventure Museum (excluding bookstores - 5%, Peugeot Sport, and Peugeot Style),
  • 10% reduction on spare parts,
  • 50% reduction on the technical documentation,
  • Tickets at preferential rates on events, exhibitions ...
  • And many more benefits to come.

Together, into the 405 Adventure !